Scissors Sisters: Swan Song

The 2nd issue of Scissors Sisters.
As in the previous episode, the story is written by Kevin LaPorte with arts by Rich Perotta.
I worked on the 54pp + cover digital Coloring, with Clip Studio Paint [flatting, shadowing and lighting] and Photoshop [final FX and color correction].
Published by Inverse Press in September 2017.

Vito potenza cygnet cover
Vito potenza ss poster
Vito potenza 91008a27916d8017d1554f8c5a7f77d6 original
Vito potenza d744c3fd9c05c2e536b4c2d8577060cc original
Vito potenza 2ae5e7ddff25886d806d45a5618c00de original
Vito potenza 3c98fec0b51d43ec46371a56d23ec7cb original